Building Community One Meal At A Time

Have you ever really thought about how sharing a meal or a cup of coffee can change your life? When you sit down with your family over dinner - which I know doesn’t always happen since Amara has soccer and Kingston has basketball - you engage in conversation, laughter, fun and interaction, which all provide you with opportunities.  Opportunities to learn, share and grow. There are plenty of statistics telling us why it’s important to eat meals together as a family, but how does that relate to us personally? The fact is, we’ve all had those moments, ones that have...

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Find Out Why Circles® Is More Than Just A “Program”

People have asked me "What is Circles?" As the Simcoe County Circles Coordinator, I have the privilege of working and learning from so many wonderful people in our community. Recently I engaged in a powerful conversation with a wonderful woman who is currently struggling to get herself and her 4 children out of poverty. What I learned from her (even though I thought I knew) was that the circumstances that forced her to make some very tough decisions, which led to the struggle to keep her family together, could VERY EASILY have happened to me. What also moved me (to tears)...

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Getting Ahead Is Just Getting Started!

Well we are almost all the way through our first run of the Getting Ahead Program and we are so excited about the future of this program in Simcoe County, specifically in the Midland/Penetanguishene area. The current participants have expressed immense gratitude to the staff and supporters of Getting Ahead and are really looking forward to taking the next steps towards their goals. We asked our current Getting Ahead participants ... Why Choose Getting Ahead?    Here is what they had to say: Before I joined the program I struggled with trying to improve my life on the poverty line as I...

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